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Mt. Sinai


Âs Sufsâfeh (Mount Sinai) and the plain of Râhah (Rest).

Âs Sufsâfeh (Mount Sinai) and the plain of Râhah (Rest). Beyond the convent is seen Jebel Moneijâh. The summit of Jebel Músa is hidden behind the overwhelming mass of Râs Sufsâfeh. May not be the Biblical Mt. Sinai.

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Definition: Mt. Sinai is a name given to a mountain of the Biblical Book Exodus on which Moses talked with Yahweh, for which reason it is the "mountain of God." Sometimes the name given is Mt. Horeb, depending on the Hebrew manuscript. Generally, Mt. Sinai is thought to have been in the Sinai Peninsula, but The Oxford History of the Biblical World says early Hebrew poetry suggests it was the Arabian Peninsula.
Also Known As: Mountain of God
It was at Mt. Sinai or Mt. Horeb that Moses received the 10 Commandments.

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