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Prince of Lilies
Prince of Lilies

Prince of Lilies

Public Domain. Courtesy of Wikimedia.
The Prince of Lilies is a much-debated reconstruction of fresco pieces found at Knossos in 1901. Sir Arthur Evans called the figure "Priest-King." The head-dress is thought to be appropriate to a female, whether sphinx, snake handler, or woman. Even the real skin color was unclear. Dirt with reddish stains is a distinct possibility. Since the Priest-King wears a codpiece, he could be a bull-leaper and possibly a female. He doesn't have the footware, but seems to have wristbands. Differences in color may have meant more than just gender differences; they could signify age or ethnicity.

For more on the interpretation of this fresco, see: The "Priest-King" Fresco from Knossos: Man, Woman, Priest, King, or Someone Else? Author(s): Maria C. Shaw Source: Hesperia Supplements, Vol. 33, ΧΑΡΙΣ: Essays in Honor of Sara A. Immerwahr (2004), pp. 65-84.

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