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Julius Caesar - Events

Links to events and people important in Gaius Julius Caesar's life. For original articles on Julius Caesar and indexes on the people and events in Caesar's life, his legacy, and Shakepeare's Caesar, see the Julius Caesar Page.

Rubicon - Julius Caesar Crossed the Rubicon
Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and launched a civil war.

Great Caesar
Major dates in the life of Gaius Julius Caesar.

In the Steps of Julius Caesar
Statue of Julius Caesar in Rome.

Pharsalus - Battle of Pharsalus 48 B.C.
In 48 B.C. Julius Caesar faced Pompey in a decisive battle named Pharsalus for the location.

Ancient Rome
Caesar's campaigns in Gaul.

Landings of Caesar in Britain, 55-54 BC
Photo of presumed landing spot close to the White Cliffs of Dover. Essay on "Caesar, the Historian." Maps of Caesar's crossings, and much more!

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