1. Education

Caesar - Sources

Writing on Caesar by Caesar and ancient sources on Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar's Honors
Suetonius on Julius Caesar's abuse of power or the honors granted Julius Caesar.

Lucan Text
Lucan's Pharsalia poem about the Civil War featuring Caesar and Pompey.

Lucan - Text of Pharsalia or the Civil War
"Lucan's "Pharsalia" was left (probably) unfinished upon his death, coincidentally breaking off at almost the exact same point where Julius Caesar broke off in his commentary "On the Civil War". Ten books are extant; no one knows how many more Lucan planned, but two to six more books (possibly taking the story as far as Caesar's assassination in B.C. 46) seem a reasonable estimate."

Plutarch Texts: Life of Caesar
English translation of Plutarch's life of Caesar begins with Caesar's relationships with Sulla (Sylla) and Marius.

Caesar Texts
The writings of Julius Caesar. Caesar's Gallic and Civil Wars.

Caesar, by Plutarch
The Dryden translation of Plutarch's biography of Julius Caesar.

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