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Celts - History

Ancient Celts, history and culture, including writing.
  1. Celts - Language (1)
  2. Druids (3)
  3. Gaul (Gallia or Modern France)
  4. Hispania

St. Patrick
Born in Britain, the patron saint of Ireland first lived in the Emerald Isle as a slave. A vision led Patrick to freedom and another led him back again to convert the heathen.

"The Roman Invasion of Britain" - Review of "The Roman Invasion of Britain" DVD
Historian Bettany Hughes, a very popular presenter on television shows like those made for the History Channel, presents a new story from ancient history, that of The Roman Invasion of Britain, on DVD.

Celtiberian refers to the people of a region of Spain and a language.

the Arverni were a Gallic tribe that produced the war leader Vercingetorix.

Interpretatio Romana
Interpretation romana had a parallel in the interpretatio gallica.

The Boii were a Celtic group of Transalpine Gaul who helped Hannibal in his crossing of the Alps during the Second Punic War.

What is Tir na nOg?
An Irish word Tir na nOg is more than the name of pubs and cybercafes.

The Story of Chiomara
The story of Chiomara, the famous Galatian woman who got the best of her rapist.

Map of Britain
From your Guide, a map of Britain in the first century A.D., showing tribes involved in the Boudicca legend.

Geography of Italy - Ancient Rome and Italian Geography
The geography of Italy included an Alpine border to the north, a ridge of Apennine Mountains running down its length dividing Italy east and west, and a n extended coastline bordered by three seas.

Celts, Consumerism and Caesar
Article on the gradual adoption of Roman customs, from wine to minting coins, and how this led to the absorption by the Romans of the Celts in Gaul.

Timeline of Irish History
Much information from prehistory to A.D. 550, at which time written history takes over.

What We Don't Know About the Celts
Rowan Fairgrove discusses classical and archaeological information on the ancient Celts.

Who Were The Ancient Celts?
An attempt to show how our unified concept "Celt" is a myth.

Scottish History Timeline
In the relevant portions of this timeline, events focus on the Romans: Hadrian's and Antonine's Walls, Boudicca, Romans naming the Scots.

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