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Maps of Qin Before the Qin Dynasty



In 1986 the excavation of Chinese tombs of the Qin Kingdom from the Warring Period of China (475-221 B.C.) revealed seven maps from between 300 and 239 B.C. Since they are located in Fangmatan, the Qin maps are also called Fangmatan maps. The maps are black ink on wood blocks. Their dimensions are about 1.1 cm thick by 26.7 cm in length, and their widths run from 15 to 18.1 cm. The areas of the maps partially overlap which allows them to be pieced together. The maps include a drawing of the Guixian County of the Qin Kingdom. There are 66 places (People's Daily Online - April 30, 2002 says 82) named on the maps.

"The Qin Maps: A Clue to Later Chinese Cartographic Development" Mei-Ling Hsu Imago Mundi, Vol. 45. (1993), pp. 90-100.

Also Known As: Fangmatan Maps, Quixian Maps

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