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Biographical information, and texts in Latin and English of the Roman orator and philosopher Cicero.
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Cicero - Basic Facts About Marcus Tullius Cicero
Cicero rose remarkably to the top of the Roman political hierarchy, fell precipitously, went into exile because of his hostile relations with Clodius Pulcher, made a permanent name for himself in Latin literature, and had relations with contemporaries like his confidqnt Atticus, and all the big names, Caesar, Pompey, Mark Antony and Octavian...

Cicero Biography
A full biography of Cicero, by Bingley.

Cicero Quotes
Cicero was a prolific Republican era writer of Latin. A statesman and a philosopher, these words of advice may be timeless but also reflect on the turbulent era he lived in.

Roman Life in the Days of Cicero, by Alfred J. Church
An etext of a look at Rome in the time of Cicero.

Why Did Cicero Have to Die?
Cicero had to die despite the support of Octavian [Augustus] because the other members of the triumvirate considered him a threat to the post-Caesarean Roman Republic.

Philosophers Timeline
Major Greek and Roman philosophers in chronological order.

Pater Patriae
Pater patriae was an honorary title awarded Cicero.

Cicero Chronology
Timeline of Cicero's writing and major events in his life.

Proscription was developed by Sulla as a way to dispose of the property of those who were condemned.

Cicero used the term principate to refer to the period when Caesar was the Roman monarch.

Cicero Homepage
A look at his texts, chronology, bibliography, images, and biography.

Cicero's Life: a Chronology
From his birth in 106 B.C. to his death/execution 66 years later.

Timeline of Tullia, daughter of Cicero, from David Meadows. Site includes other references.

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