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Claudius - Emperor Julio-Claudian

Claudius (born Tiberius Claudius Drusus) lived from Aug. 1, 10 B.C. - A.D. Oct. 13, 54, and ruled as emperor of Rome (A.D. 41-54), during which time he made Britain a Roman province.
  1. I, Claudius by Robert Gr...

Claudius became emperor of Rome after the assassination of his nephew, the mad emperor Caligula.

Claudius - Emperor Claudius Timeline
Events in the life of the Roman Emperor Claudius.

Suetonius - Life of Claudius
Suetonius' Life of the Caesars biography of the Roman emperor Claudius.

Genealogy of Claudius
Chart showing the relationships between Julius Caesar, Augustus and Claudius for use while reading Robert Graves' i, Claudius.

Lyon Tablet
Definition of the Lyon Tablet.

12 Caesars
Annotated gallery of the first 12 emperors of ancient Rome.

Imperial Dates
From your Guide, the names and dates of rule of the emperors from Augustus in 27 B.C. to Numerian (285 A.D.).

Dio Cassius 57
Book LVII of Dio Cassius' Roman History, covers Background on Tiberius, Cappadocia, the deaths of Germanicus and Drusus.

Stemmata of the Julio-Claudian emperors
The lines of consanguinity among the first five emperors are hard to keep straight. Even with this chart, it will take time to unravel the bloodline, marriage and adoption threads, but it's a useful reference tool.

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