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Creation and Afterlife

Creation myths and beliefs about the afterlife and death.
  1. Creation Asia Myth (4)
  2. Creation Myths (17)
  3. Creation Myths - America (6)
  4. Death and Afterlife
  5. European Creation Myths (5)

Egyptian Creation Myths
Egyptian cosmogonies were more about explaining the order of the world (personified as Ma'at), especially the rising of the sun and the flooding of the Nile, than the creation of mankind.

Memphite Theology
Glossary entry on the creation myth of Egypt known as the Memphite Theology.

Enuma Elish
The Enuma Elish is a Babylonian creation myth.

What Is an Aition?
What is an aition?

Charun - Etruscan God
Charun was an Etruscan god or demon who may have been connected with the Greek Underworld figure Charon.

Legends of the Jews - Abraham Views Earth and Heaven
With the help of the archangel Michael, Abraham ascends to Heaven on a cherubim chariot. From this vantage point, Abraham orders punishment for wrongdoers on earth and is obeyed.

Tang Dynasty Tomb Figure
A picture of a camel and camel driver that was part of the tomb for someone from the Tang Dynasty in ancient China.

Taste of the Ancient World
Meal sharing was important in ancient religious practices. Meals at funerals were thought to feed the dead.

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