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The Greeks made a wealth of contributions to human culture, especially in the areas of government, philosophy, drama, and the visual arts. As Smith and Greene say in their 1854 history of ancient Greece for students, "Considerable space has been given to the history of literature and art, since they form the most durable evidences of a nation's growth in civilization and in social progress. A knowledge of these subjects is of for more importance to a pupil at the commencement of his classical studies than an acquaintance with every insignificant battle in the Peloponnesiah war, or with the theories of modern scholars respecting the early population of Greece; and as it cannot be expected that a schoolboy should read special treatises upon Grecian literature and art, these subjects find their appropriate place in a work like the present."
  1. Architecture of Greece (36)
  2. Greek Art and Archaeology (91)
  3. Greek Language (17)
  4. Greek Literature (208)
  5. Religion

Greek Theater Study Guide
Scholars debate the origins of Greek drama, but it is thought that drama developed out of a form of ritual worship by a chorus of men, possibly dressed as horses, connected with the vegetation god Dionysus. This provides an overview and study guide for ancient Greek drama, especially tragedy.

Minoan Art Work
Works of art from the Bronze Age Minoan palace at Knossos.

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