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When the ancient Greeks first sang songs to the accompaniment of the musical instrument called a lyre, they were creating lyric poetry. Lyric poetry came to mean more than just poetry to musical accompaniment, but also poetry about emotions. Shakespeare's sonnet are a popular form of lyric poetry in the more modern world. Elegies were originally mournful poems. This ancient poets picture gallery contains an introduction to a dozen of the most important ancient poets.

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SapphoSappho - Greek PoetSt Petersburg Hermitage Bust of MenanderMenander - Greek PoetAeschylusAeschylus - Greek PlaywrightSophoclesSophocles - Greek Playwright
EuripidesEuripides - Greek PlaywrightAristophanes - Comic PlaywrightTerenceTerence - Latin Comic PlaywrightLucretiusLucretius - Roman Epicurean Philosopher and Epic Poet
CatullusCatullus - Latin PoetVergilVergil - Latin PoetHoraceHorace - Latin PoetOvidOvid - Latin Poet

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