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Table of Egyptian Gods




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Here is a quick reference table of major ancient Egyptian gods.

Egyptian Gods

Name of Egyptian God

Function or Identity of Egyptian God

Amon Primoridal creation deity; one of 8 gods of chaos; combined with the suprme solar deity, Ra, Amon-RA was the hidden power that created the gods.
Anubis Embalming
Atum One of 4 creation deities; caused the division of the sexes; as Ra-Atum, he represented the evening sun.
Bes Music, dance, war, slaughter.
Duamutef Protect deceased's stomach.
Geb Earth and guide to heaven.
Hapi Nile god.
Hapy Protect deceased's lungs.
Horus Many guises. Falcon-head. Sky god whose left eye was the moon amd whose right eye was the sun (depicted as an eye); king of Egypt.
Imsety Protect deceased's liver.
Khensu Moon god.
Khnemu, Khnum One of 4 creator gods; potter who sculpted man and anumals and breathed life into them; water god.
Min Fertility god who bestowed sexual powers on men.
Osiris Earth and vegetation.
Ptah Patron of craftsmen.
Qebehsenuef Protect deceased's intestines.
Re Sun
Seth Lord of Lower Egypt & evil enemy of Horus
Shu God of space & light between sky & earth; power over snakes; held ladder to heaven.
Sobek Crocodile god.
Thoth Wisdom & learning.

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