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Table of Egyptian Goddesses


Isis Nursing Horus

Isis Nursing Horus

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In The Great Goddesses of Egypt, author Barbara S. Lesko says the seven main Egyptian goddesses, Nut, Neith, Nekhbet, Hatho, Mut, and Isis were credited with creation and control over life and death, were conceived of as motherly, protecting, and able to cure. Women priests of the goddesses held high ranks in Egyptian temples. Some of the largest and best preserved of the temples to Egyptian deities are for the goddesses. Here is a quick reference table of major ancient Egyptian goddesses.

Egyptian Goddesses
Name of Egyptian Goddess Function or Identity of Egyptian Goddess
Ammut Devoured those souls judged unworthy of the Afterlife.
Anqet Water and lust.
Bastet Fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women.
Hathor Cow goddess of love, happiness, dance and music; protector of women.
Isis Giver of life and food to the dead; may be one of the judges.
Ma'at Physical and moral law, order and truth.
Mut Self-created world mother.
Neith Goddess of war, weaving, guardian of the deceased's stomach.
Nekhbet Patron of Upper Egypt, possibly creator. King's protector/mother.
Nephthys Protector of Hapy.
Nut Daytime sky and place where clouds formed.
Satet Goddess of the inundation of the Nile & fertility.
Sekhmet War and destruction.
Selket Scorpions and magic.
Seshat Writing and measurement.
Tawaret Pregnancy and childbirth.
Tefnut Personification of moisture in the sky.
Egyptian Gods

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