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Queens of Egypt who ruled in fact, whether or not they were entitled pharaoh.
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  1. Cleopatra
  2. Hatshepsut
  3. Nitocris

Ancient Queens
7 ancient queens, four from Egypt.

Nefertiti is famous because of the beautiful bust that was found depicting her. the bust of Nefertiti is in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, Germany. Nefertiti was the queen of Egypt under Pharah Akhenaten.

Great Royal Wife
The Great Royal Wife was the wife of the pharaoh.

Female Pharaoh (From About.com Women's History)
The rulers of ancient Egypt, Pharaohs, were almost all men. The evidence for a few women Pharaohs is sketchy at best. Here is a list of the women most commonly thought to have served as Pharaoh, or to have assumed the power of the Pharaoh as a regent.

Brief biographical information on the Egyptian queen Meryt-Neith, from the Women's History Guide.

What Is 'Dido und Aeneas'?
The German "Dido und Aeneas" refers to a famous queen. Read who she and her lover are.

A Tale of Two Queens

A Tale of Two Queens, Part Two
Ahmose-Nefertari was a queen of the New Kingdom who took power into her own hands and helped create one of the most famous dynasties ever to rule Egypt.

Who were the queens regnant of ancient Nubia? They built pyramids and even fought the Romans.

The Greatest Love of All: Part One

The Greatest Love of All: Part Two
Titus, the Roman prince who destroyed Jerusalem, and the Jewish queen Berenice fall in and out of love. Thanks a lot, politics!

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