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Science, Math, and Technology

Basin irrigation, pyramid calculations, and other technological advances of the ancient Egyptians.

Herodotus Passage on Egyptian Astronomical Contributions
Read what Herodotus has to say about the contributions of the Egyptians to the calendar.

Library of Alexandria - People Who Worked at the Library of Alexandria
Although we refer to this learning center as the Library of Alexandria or the Library at Alexandria, it was more than just a library. Students came from all over the Mediterranean world to learn and it produced several of the ancient world's most renowned scholars.

Picture of The Ebers Medical Papyrus
The Ebers Medical Papyrus is the longest of the medical papyri and dates to the reign of Amenhotep I.

Picture of The London Medical Papyrus
Housed at the British Museum, the London Medical Papyrus combines magical and medical recipes.

Picture of The Edwin Smith Medical Papyrus
The Edwin Smith medical papyrus is impressive enough as a large surviving papyrus but even more so because it is the first extant surgical papyrus.

Claudius Ptolemy
Claudius Ptolemy was a major astronomer and geographer from the Library at Alexandria, in Egypt.

Egyptian Contributions to Astronomy
The Egyptians developed the division of the day into twenty-four hours and a 365-day calendar.

Egyptian Mathematics
On this illustrated page about Egyptian mathematics, Mark Millmore says the Egyptians used a seven symbol decimal system and a place system so that a number higher than another should be read first.

Egyptian Numerals
From Dr Robert A. Hatch of the University of Florida, hieroglyphic and hieratic symbols for numerals.

The Romans used the catapult effectively in battle. Here you'll learn about the weapon and a little about its history in the ancient world.

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