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Ancient Egypt Fisherman
Image ID: 410936  Ancient Egypt. [Fisherman]. (ca. 1924-1933)

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A fisherman does much the same thing anywhere, but the body of water in which he fishes makes a difference. On the Nile River, Egyptian fishermen might go out on a raft or canoe with a net or in a larger boat with a large net. They could use spears to harpoon fish, trap fish in baskets, or use hooks and lines.

The Instructions of Khety has this to say about the life of a fisherman in ancient Egypt:

"I mention for you also the fisherman. He is more miserable than one of any other profession, one who is at his work in a river infested with crocodiles. When the totalling of his account is made for him, then he will lament. One did not tell him that a crocodile was standing there, and fear has now blinded him. When he comes to the flowing water, so he falls as through the might of God."

Reference: Ancient Egyptian Jobs, by John Malam

Image ID: 410936 Ancient Egypt. [Fisherman]. (ca. 1924-1933) NYPL Digital Gallery

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