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Resources on Ancient Egyptian women, their rights, and obligations.
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What clothing did the ancient Egyptians wear
An answer to the question, "What clothing did the ancient Egyptians wear?"

Egyptian Makeup
A quick look at ancient Egyptian makeup.

Nefertiti is famous because of the beautiful bust that was found depicting her. the bust of Nefertiti is in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, Germany. Nefertiti was the queen of Egypt under Pharah Akhenaten.

Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt
A review of 'Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt,' by Lynn Meskell.

Top 6 Picks - Ancient Egyptian Women Books
Ancient Egyptian women had more powers relative to the men of Egyptian society than their counterparts in Greece and Rome. There were even pharaohs and pharaohs wives who were important in Egyptian policy making. Read about the lives of the rich and famous as well as ordinary Egyptian women.

Egyptian Women in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt
Alexandra A. O'Brien's dissertation proposal emphasizing the importance of understanding the native Egyptian cultural influence.

William Ward, Lecture on Women in Egypt
Women could inherit and own land, contest a will and fight for her legal rights in court.

The Egyptian Economy and Non-royal Women
Notes on the translations William Ward used for his lecture on the Egyptian economy and the status of non-royal women in public life.

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