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Trajan Decius (249-251 A.D.)


Marble bust of Roman Emperor Traianus Decius

Marble bust of Roman Emperor Traianus Decius (r. A.D. 249 to 251) from the Capitoline Museum.

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Definition: Decius may have been born around 201 to a senatorial family. He was governor in Moesia in the mid 230s. Decius married Herennia Cupressenia Etruscilla. Philip the Arab sent Decius to restore order along the Danube. When he arrived, local troops killed Marinus who had established himself as emperor in the area. The troops named Decius emperor and asked him to lead them in revolt against Philip the Arab. After Philip died, either in the fighting or by assassination, Decius was made emperor. Decius took on the name "Trajan" partly for its association with the area in which he had served and partly because of the respect in which Trajan was held. He implemented a building plan and, according to Christian sources, a persecution. Decius died while on campaign near Nicopolis.

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