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Imperator Tiberius Caesar Augustus


Tiberius was born 42 B.C.; Died A.D. 37; Reigned as Emperor A.D. 14-37. (More info on Tiberius beneath his picture.)
Imperator Tiberius Caesar Augustus

Imperator Tiberius Caesar Augustus

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Tiberius, the second emperor of Rome, was not the first choice of Augustus and was not popular with the Roman people. When he went into self-imposed exile to the island of Capri and left the ruthless, ambitious Praetorian Prefect, L. Aelius Sejanus, in charge back at Rome, he sealed his everlasting fame. If that weren't enough, Tiberius angered the senators by invoking treason (maiestas) charges against his enemies, and while in Capri he may have engaged in sexual perversions that were unsavory for the times and would be criminal in the U.S. today.

Tiberius was the son of Ti. Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla. His mother divorced and remarried Octavian (Augustus) in 39 B.C. Tiberius married Vipsania Agrippina in about 20 B.C. He became consul in 13 B.C. and had a son Drusus. In 12 B.C., Augustus insisted that Tiberius get a divorce so he could marry Augustus' widowed daughter, Julia. This marriage was unhappy, but it put Tiberius in line for the throne for the first time. Tiberius deserted Rome for the first time (he did again at the end of his life) and went to Rhodes. When Augustus' succession plans had been foiled by deaths, he adopted Tiberius as his son and had Tiberius adopt as his own son his nephew Germanicus. The last year of his life, Augustus shared the rule with Tiberius and when he died, Tiberius was voted emperor by the senate.

Tiberius trusted Sejanus and appeared to be grooming him for his replacement when he was betrayed. Sejanus, his family and friends were tried, executed, or committed suicide. After the betrayal of Sejanus, Tiberius let Rome run itself and stayed away. He died at Misenum on March 16, A.D. 37.

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