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Prehistory to Dark Age Timeline of Ancient Greece


Prehistory, Mycenaean and Dark Ages | Archaic Age | Classical Period | Hellenistic Period

Greek Timeline Era-by-Era

As you may notice on this timeline of Greek prehistory and the Dark Age, dates are only very approximate.

Mycenaean refers to the late Bronze Age (c.1600 - c.1125 B.C.). (The legendary Trojan War would have been in this period.)

The term Dark Age (c. 1200-800 or 700 B.C.) is going or has completely gone out of favor, ceding its place to Early Iron Age (EIA), which antedates the time when iron was common in the area. There is about half a millennium between the start of the EIA and the Archaic Age. [See: Cambridge Histories: Early Iron Age Greece.]

Greek Pre-Historic Periods

  • Stone age (6000-3000)
  • Bronze age (2800-1050)
    • Early and middle Helladic (2800-1550)
    • Early and middle Minoan (2800-1550)
    • Late Helladic and Minoan (1550-1050)
  • Dark age (12-8th C)
    1. Dorian invasion (1100-950)
    2. Homeric society (1000-800)

Homeric Geography

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