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The Fall of Rome - Learn About the Fall of Rome

Learn about the fall of Rome, the facts, the theories, the why, and the when.
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Kings Replace Emperors
At the end of the period of the Dominate, the Roman Empire in the West was taken over by small kingdoms."

The Rise of Kingdoms in the Roman Empire: Part I
This article series is part of an attempt to bridge the period from ancient history proper to the start of the early Middle Ages.

Other Dates for Rome's Fall: Pros and Cons
There are a varitey of competing dates for the fall of Rome. Here is a list of some of them with reasons why they have appeal and why they may not be quite enough.

Imperial Succession Problems
The Romans developed systems for dealing with succession, including usurping and heredity.

The Barbarian at the Gates
The Rise of Kingdoms in the Roman Empire: Part IV takes a look at the problems Rome faced at its borders from hungry barbarians.

How Kings Became Anathema to the Romans
Emperor started as a less loaded term than king, but became more powerful. Part Five of The Rise of Kingdoms in the Roman Empire.

Fall of Rome Short Timeline
A timeline showing the chronological events leading to the fall of Rome.

Fall of Rome - The End of the Roman Empire
The Fall of Rome and the End of the Roman Empire in the west. Here is a description of articles on this site on the debilitating effects of emperors and barbarians on the Roman Empire.

Fall of Rome Books
Books worth reading on the Fall of Rome that were written in the 21st century. Surprisingly, perhaps, they all have a slightly different take on the events that led to the Fall of Rome.

Book on Parallels Between Ancient Rome and the United States
Answer to a question on a book about parallels between Rome and the United States.

Roman Emperors of the Fall of Rome
You could say Rome was on the verge of falling from the time of its first emperor or you could say Rome fell in A.D. 476 or 1453, or even that it hasn't yet fallen. Depending on your perspective, here are articles on emperors who may have contributed to the fall of Rome.

Which Historian First Wrote About the Fall of Rome
Information on Zosimus, the first major historian to describe the fall of Rome.

Rose Williams' The Lighter Side of the Dark Ages
Review of Rose Williams' The Lighter Side of the Dark Ages.

The Fall of the Roman Empire, by Peter Heather
Peter Heather's Fall of the Roman Empire is a thorough look at the processes that led to the end of Rome as an "overarching, supra-regional political structure" in the West. The process is divided into 3 sections: "Pax Romana," "Crisis," and "Fall of Empires." This article summarizes the book chapter by chapter.

Why and When Did Rome Fall?
Do you think Rome fell? If so, when and why?

Readers Explain Their Interest in the Fall of Rome
Readers tell why they care about the fall of Rome.See submissions

Notes - Rise of the Kingdoms
Notes accompanying the series on the Rise of Kingdoms.

Roman Bureaucracy
A list of the administrative units and the hierarchy in the later Roman Empire.

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