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Resources on the ancient Roman family and aspects of daily life, including food, drink, clothing, and hygiene.
  1. 'Familia' (5)
  2. Clothing (40)
  3. Daily Life Aspects (20)
  4. Food (18)
  5. How To (6)
  6. Hygiene & Baths (14)
  7. Marriages (6)
  8. Names (14)
  9. Roman Numerals (9)
  10. Roman School (5)
  11. Sexuality (20)
  12. The House (8)
  13. Villa (6)
  14. Wine
  15. Women (18)

What Is the Difference Between Freedman/Freedwoman and Free Born?
A look at the difference between the terms free born and freed man or woman in the context of ancient Rome.

Definition of a patriarchy.

What Did the Romans Eat?
What did the ancient Romans eat? Here are some of the main sources for information on Roman food and meals.

Latin Marriage Vocabulary
Words in Latin for marriage, betrothal, and divorce.

Truth Based on Fact - In Support of Historical Fiction
When reading historical fiction, we don't have to worry about different realities. The author has worked it out for us. Instead, we get to look at relationships or sequences of events that are plausible, if not literally true. For me, the fewer the glaring inaccuracies, the more I'm swept up into the work.

Roman Woodworking
Roman Woodworking is an amply b w illustrated reference work for those students and scholars interested in ancient trees and wood crafts. It should share shelf space with books on ancient ships and architecture and would be an especially handy companion for Vergil and Pliny. It includes chapters on the identity of the Roman woodworkers, his...

Aventine. The Aventine was one of the seven hills of Rome.

Relegatio is a Roman legal term for a type of exile.

Esquiline. The Esquiline was one of the seven hills of Rome.

Roman Woodworking Occupations
A list of Latin terms connected with the occupations of Roman woodworking.

Confarreatio was one of the forms of marriage among the Romans.

Laudatio Turiae
The Laudatio Turiae is a tombstone for a beloved Roman wife from the late first century B.C.

Myth Monday - What Did the Ancient Romans Believe?
Resources to help answer the difficult question of how the Romans could believe stories when there were so many contradictions.

Myth Monday - The Cult of the Emperor
The pantheon of Roman gods kept increasing, with certain humans acquiring divine status.

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