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Cities, Colonies, Regions

The geography of ancient Greece had much to do with how it developed. Isolated communities or poleis (city-states) developed their own systems.
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  3. Ephesus (13)
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In the Dorian invasion, the Heraclidae Temenus received Argos for his portion.

Delphi was one of the most important Greek cities, home to the treasury, oracle, and Pythian Games.

Glossary entry on Thessaly.

Eleusis is a town near Athens, in Greece, known, in ancient times, for its sanctuary of Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Miletus and Ephesus both claimed to be the oldest Ionian settlement.

Potidaea (Potidea) was a colony of Corinth in northern Greece, in Chalcidice, that was repeatedly involved in the disputes between the major Greek poleis of Athens and Corinth.

Learn about the ancient Greek city of Abdera, founded according to legend, by Heracles, on the coast of Thrace.

Decapolis was an ancient group of ten Greco-Roman cities.

Founding of Ephesus
Learn about the legendary foundation of the city of Ephesus, renowned for one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Classical Greeks Attitudes Towards the Macedonians - Peter Green
Peter Green explains the attitude of the Classical Greeks towards the Macedonians.

Glossary entry on Capri.

Macedonia was an area of the Balkans that produced King Philip II and his son Alexander who conquered much of Asia, spreading the Greek way.

Boiotia is a region of Greece.

What Was the Greek Empire?
Answer to the question what was the Greek Empire?

The Cyclades are islands in the Aegean. Read a brief glossary entry on the Cyclades.

Homeric Questions - Homeric Geography
What happened to Greek geography between the Trojan War and the birth of Homer.

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