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The Mediterranean country of ancient Greece (aka Hellas) was composed of many individual city-states (poleis) that were not unified until the Macedonian kings Philip and Alexander the Great incorporated them into their (Hellenistic) empire. Hellas was centered on the western side of the Aegean Sea with a northern section that was part of the Balkan peninsula and a southern section known as the Peloponnese that is separated from the northern landmass by the Isthmus of Corinth. The northern section is best known for the polis of Athens; the Peloponnese, for Sparta. There were also thousands of Greek islands in the Aegean sea, and colonies on the eastern side of the Aegean. To the west, the Greeks established colonies in and near Italy. Even the Egyptian city of Alexandria was part of the Hellenistic Empire.

These historical maps of ancient Greece take Greece from prehistoric times through the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Many are from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection Historical Maps: Historical Atlas, by William R. Shepherd. Others are from The Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography, by Samuel Butler (1907).

For maps highlighting important Greek cities, see Maps of Greek Cities. Also see Aegean Sea Maps.

The first page contains maps that cover Greece up to the Peloponnesian War. The second page continues on to Alexander the Great, his empire and successors.

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Mycenean GreeceVicinity of TroyMap of EphesusEphesus MapThe Beginnings of Historic Greece 700 BC-600 BCGreece 700-600 B.C.
Greek and Phoenician Settlements in the Mediterranean Basin about 550 BCSettlementsBlack Sea - Greek and Phoenician Settlements in the Mediterranean Basin about 550 BCBlack SeaMap of the Persian Empire in 490 B.C.Persian Empire MapGreece 500-479 B.C.
Eastern Aegean from a map of Greek and Phoenician Settlements in the Mediterranean Basin about 550 BEastern AegeanAthenian EmpireAthenian EmpireReference Map of Attica. Thermopylae PlanReference Map of AtticaPeloponnesian War
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