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Gods and Goddesses

Resources on the gods and goddesses of ancient mythology and some modern religions.
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Gods and Goddesses
Gods and Goddesses from Greek mythology.

List of Gods and Goddesses by Culture
List of ancient gods and goddesses by Culture.

Canaanite Gods and Goddesses
Canaanite gods and goddesses: Anat, Athirat, Athtart, Baal, El, Mot, Shapsu, Yam, and Yarikh.

Four Seasons
Here are pictures of the Roman personification of the seasons

Love Goddesses
Here are the top fertility and love goddesses of ancient mythology.

Love Goddesses
The very complex feeling we shorthand as love makes humans bond with each other. The ancient goddesses held responsible for these gifts were honored highly in their societies.

Moon Gods and Moon Goddesses
The god of the moon is usually a goddess. Here is a selection of goddesses and gods of the moon from the ancient world's religions and mythologies.

The Olympians
Article on the emergence of the Olympians discusses whether or not Demeter is one of the twelve Olympians.

Sun Gods of the World
List of the world's solar deities.

War Goddesses
While in the ancient world, most of the fighting was done by men, there was occasionally a woman who made her mark militarily. Likewise, while most of the war gods were male, there were also war goddesses, some of whom doubled as love and fertility goddesses.

War Gods and Goddesses
A list of war gods and goddesses from the mythology of the world.

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