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Sumerian Gods - Primary Deities - Names and Functions


Definition: Name and Function/Identity
  • An (Babylonian: Anu) god of heaven; may have been the main god before 2500 B.C.
  • Ninhursag (Babylonian: Aruru, Mammi) mother goddess; progenitor with An of the gods; assists in creation of man.
  • Enlil (Babylonian: Ellil) god or air; pantheon leader from 2500 B.C.; father of the gods; king of heaven & earth.
  • Enki (Babylonian: Ea) lord of the abyss, semen & wisdom; god of water, creation, fertility.
  • Nanna (Babylonian: Sin) moon god.
  • Inanna (Babylonian: Ishtar) love and war.
  • Utu (Babylonian: Shamash) god of the sun and justice.
  • Ninlil (Babylonian: Mullitu, Mylitta) bride of Enlil .

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