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War Goddesses


While in the ancient world, most of the fighting was done by men, there was occasionally a woman who made her mark militarily. Likewise, while most of the war gods were male, there were also war goddesses, some of whom doubled as love and fertility goddesses.

1. Agasaya

Semitic war goddess who was combined with Ishtar. She is called "The Shrieker."
Source: Encyclopedia Mythica.

2. Anahita

Possibly Anahita with Ardashir I and Shapur.
CC Flickr User dynamosquito
Persian, Chaldean, Iranian, and possibly Semitic
As well as being a war goddess, Anahita is the Persian water goddess, fertility goddess, and patroness of women. She drives a 4-horse chariot with the horses representing wind, rain, clouds, and sleet. She is tall, beautiful, and wears a golden crown
"Anāhitā and Alexander," by William L. Hanaway, Jr. Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 102, No. 2 (Apr. - Jun., 1982), pp. 285-295.
Dictionary of Ancient Deities, by Patricia Turner, Charles Russell Coulter.

3. Anath

West Semitic love and war goddess, associated with Baal.
Source: Encyclopedia Mythica

4. Andraste

Celtic Britain war god honored by Boudicca.
Source: "Omens and Celtic Warfare", by Ellen Ettlinger. Man, Vol. 43, (Jan. - Feb., 1943), pp. 11-17.

5. Ankt

Spear-carrying war goddess.
Source: Encyclopedia Mythica.

6. Anouke

Elder war goddess with bow and arrows, as well as a shuttle.
Source: Encyclopedia Mythica.

7. Ashtart

Connected with Anat as war goddess, as well as sensuousness, and self-indulgence.
Source: "A Relief of Qudshu-Astarte-Anath in the Winchester College Collection," by I. E. S. Edwards. Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Vol. 14, No. 1, Henri Frankfort Memorial Issue (Jan., 1955).

8. Athena

Athena at the Carnegie Museum
CC Flickr User Sabbath Photography
Multi-faceted virgin goddess. Goddess of wisdom, crafts, and warfare.

9. Badb

Irish Celtic war goddess who takes part in battle. Assumes raven shape. Also Morrigan.
Source: Encyclopedia Mythica.

10. Bellona

Roman war goddess who accompanied Mars into battle. Wears helmet, and carries a spear and torch.
Source: Encyclopedia Mythica.

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