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Democracy was an invention of the ancient Greeks living in small polis or city-state of Athens. Sparta, another Greek polis, adopted a very different form of government involving kings. Rule by the best, or aristocrats, was common.
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How Euphron of Sicyon, the Textbook Tyrant, Was Assassinated
Euphron was one of the Greek tyrants of Sicyon in the fourth century B.C. Read about his assassination.

Points to Know About Ancient Greek Government
You may have heard that ancient Greece invented democracy, but democracy was only one type of government employed by the Greeks, and when it first came out, most Greeks thought it a bad idea.

Spartan Government
Aristotle describes the mixed government of ancient Sparta.

A tyrant in Greece might have popular support.

Part of Athenian democracy was the institution of ostracism whereby the people could temporarily get rid of someone they feared.

Lycurgus of Sparta
Legendary or not, Lycurgus is the name of the person associated with the creation of the laws of Sparta. Lycurgus may have received the law code from the Delphic Oracle.

A hegemon is a leader and hegemony refers to leadership by one city over another.

The Social Order and Government of Early Athens
The social order of Athens extended from the household to the kings.

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