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Welcome to the world of Ancient Greece in pictures. Here is an assortment of photos and illustrations highlighting a nation that made great contributions to the world in the fields of philosophy, science, medicine, politics, literature, and the arts. Also see more specifically targeted galleries:
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Ancient Roman Picture Gallery

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The Kastrian Spring - DelphiThe Kastrian Spring - DelphiLion Gate at MycenaeLion Gate at MycenaeMinoan Labrys 2nd millennium BC Larys From CreteInformation in Linear B on hides for shoes and saddles.Linear B Tablet
Apotheosis of Homer at the British MuseumThe Apotheosis of HomerApotheosis of Homer FriezeApotheosis of HomerLycurgus of SpartaLycurgus of SpartaKourosKouros
Map showing areas of ancient GreeceMap of Ancient GreeceAcropolisAcropolisA Roman copy of a Greek head of Pericles in the Altes Museum in Berlin.PericlesBronze Helmet of Thracian Type From 450-400 B.C. From Boeotia With HIARON InscriptionBronze Hoplite-Like Helmet and Armor
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