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Minoan Labrys 2nd millennium BC

Minoan Labrys 2nd millennium B.C.

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Definition: A labrys is a double-headed axe used for carpentry, military and religious (connected with bull sacrifices) purposes. There is speculation that the word labyrinth, the maze in which the mythological minotaur lived, is etymologically connected to labrys. The different shapes of the Bronze Age Minoan labrys probably corresponded with its distinct functions. Unlike a modern, two-headed hammer, the shape of the labrys is symmetrical. Sometimes the blade is curved; sometimes straight.

Source: The Labrys: Why Was the Double Axe Double?, by A. Trevor Hodge. 1985 Archaeological Institute of America.

Also Known As: πέλεκυς, bipennis, double-headed axe
The labrys is currently used as a symbol by lesbians.

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