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Greece - Greek Dying - Death - Afterlife

Greco-Roman beliefs about the afterlife and death, mourning, lamentation, funeral arrangements, cremation and burial.

Greek Underworld Gods
A look at some of the main gods and goddesses of the Greek Underworld.

Deaths in the Iliad
This is a handy list of warriors in the Iliad that shows who did the killing, his victims, and the method of inflicting death.

Cerberos or Cerberus
The three-headed, serpent-tailed dog Cerberus was the offspring of Echidna and Typhon.

Tholos Tombs
Tholos tombs were also known as beehive tombs.

Shaft Graves
Shaft graves at Mycenae were used to buy warrior chieftains.

Ghost Stories
Information on ancient ghosts and how to placate them from ancient literature.

Pericles' Funeral Oration
In Thucydides' Peloponnesian War, Pericles delivers the eulogy at the burial of the first to fall in the Peloponnesian War.

Map of the Underworld
Map, by Carlos Parada, showing Odysseus and Vergil's travels in the Underworld.

Taste of the Ancient World
Meal sharing was important in ancient religious practices. Meals at funerals were thought to feed the dead.

Persephone Watches the Punishment of Sisyphus in the Underworld
Sisyphus went to the Underworld at least twice but wound up having to pay the price for his craftiness with a punishment for all eternity in Tartarus.

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