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Rivers of the Greek Underworld


In Greek mythology, the Underworld, may be the land of the dead, but it has living botanical items, like meadows with asphodel flowers, and geographical features. Among the most famous are the five rivers of the Underworld.

1. Styx

Zeus made Styx the goddess by whom the most solemn oaths were sworn. Styx is the nymph of the Underworld River Styx.

2. Lethe

Lethe is the Underworld river of oblivion. The dead would drink the waters of Lethe to forget their earthly existence.

3. Acheron

In Greek mythology, the Acheron is one of the five Underworld rivers and is sometimes called a lake. The Acheron is the River of Woe. The ferryman Charon was at one time thought to ferry the dead across the Acheron, which separated the lower world from the upper.

4. Phlegethon

Phlegethon is a river of the Underworld. The Phlegethon and Pyriphlegethon are rivers of fire, which join up with the Acheron.

5. Cocytus

The Cocytus is one of the Underworld rivers in Greek mythology. The Cocytus is the river of cries or lamentation.

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