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Prostitution - Greco-Roman

Prostitution in the Greek and Roman world. Ancient Roman terms connected with prostitution. Legal documents about ancient prostitutes and prostitution.

Ancient Greek Eroticism
Looking at prostitution through a modern lens gives a distorted picture to this ancient institution.

Floralia - Ludi Florales in honor of Flora
Although the ancient Roman holiday of Floralia, celebrated by the set of games and theatrical presentations known as the Ludi Florales, began in April, it was really an ancient May Day celebration. Flora, the Roman goddess in whose honor the festival was held, was a goddess of flowers, which generally begin to bloom in the spring.

Golden Age of Drama
"We don't know when mime first came to Rome, but by 211, the Romans were watching mimic actors. Mimes were normal parts of the Floralia (an annual festival from 173) which was first celebrated in 238."

Notes on Roman Prostitutes, Brothels, and Prostitution
Ancient Roman prostitutes, harlots, brothels and other houses of prostitution. Notes from a public domain translation of Petronius, by W. C. Firebaugh, on the history of prostitutes in ancient Rome.

Legal Documents about Prostitution
From Justinians's Corpus Juris Civilis, the passages related to prostitution.

Little House in Pompeii
Guest feature, by Judith Geary, about a house in Pompeii filled with oddities and illusions. House was a brothel.

Ludi Florales
In the Renaissance the Roman goddess was thought to have been a human goddess turned prostitute.

Pompeiian Brothel Images
Photos of prostitutes plying their trade in a Pompeiian lupanar.

Hooker Goddesses
Ishtar and Aphrodite were associated with prostitution. The Hindi worship of Shiva has included devadasis, dancers and ritual prostitutes.

The Pyramid Builder
One of the pyramids of Egypt may have been built for the Greek slave and Egyptian prostitute Rhodopis.

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