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Greek Terms Relating to Law, Government and Democracy

Athenian Constitution (Athenaion Politeia)
Information on the Athenian Constitution attributed to Aristotle.

Ephors were selected by the assembly from the entire Spartiate body.

Unlike the residents without full citizenship (perioikoi), the helots were subjugated natives whom the Spartan citizenry (Spartiates) made work for them as serfs.

Greek Terms Relating to Law, Government and Democracy
Greek terms used in philosophy, drama, medicine, theology, the Olympics, social organization, and in a miscellaneous category.

A glossary entry on the political entity known in ancient Greece as the polis.

The perioikoi lived among the ancient Spartans. The perioikoi were residents of Sparta without full citizenship, but free, unlike the helots.

Eponymous Heroes
Each of the ten tribes of Athens was named for a hero. That is what is meant by an eponymous hero.

Glossary entry on axones.

The terms Achaea and Achaean are used in a few different contexts. Here are the main uses of the term Achaean.

Cithaeron is a mountain range in Greece that features in history and myth.

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