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Helena - Mother of Constantine

Helena was the mother of the Emperor Constantine, who, upon her conversion to Christianity, went to the Holy Land where she is credited by some with having discovered the True Cross.

St. Helena
St. Helena was the influential mother of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great.

Roman Emperors - St. Helen
From De Imperatoribus Romanis, a biography of Constantine's mother, Flavia Iulia Helena. Helena's origins are obscure and we don't know whether she was originally Christian, but she did convert and made a trip to Palestine and the East where she is credited with, but probably did not discover the Cross.

Saint Helena
Lives of the Saints version of Constantine's mother's life. Attributes Helena's Christianity to her son's conversion after which she had shrines and churches built.

Elen Luyddog
Saint Helen of Caernarvon or Elen Luyddog was a legendary Welsh princess who is sometimes confused with Constantine's mother because they were both mothers of Constantines.

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