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Genealogy of Hercules and Eurystheus


Genealogy of Eurystheus and Hercules
Genealogy of Hercules According to Apollodorus

Genealogy of Hercules (Heracles) According to Apollodorus

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Genealogy of Eurystheus and Hercules (Herakles) Based on Apollodorus 2.4.5

Perseus, great-grandfather of Hercules, was the son of Zeus and Danae. Perseus and Andromeda had 5 sons in Greece:

  • Alcaeus
  • Sthenelus
  • Heleus
  • Mestor
  • Electryon
and one daughter, Gorgophone. Alcaeus and Astydamia, a daughter of Pelops, had a son named Amphitryon and a daughter named Anaxo. Electryon and Anaxo had a daughter named Alcmene (Alcmena) and sons:
  • Stratobates
  • Gorgophonus
  • Phylonomus
  • Celaeneus
  • Amphimachus
  • Lysinomus
  • Chirimachus
  • Anactor
  • Archelaus.

Sthenelus, with Nicippe, another daughter of Pelops, had daughters named Alcyone and Medusa, and later a son named Eurystheus. Amphitryon married his 1st cousin and niece Alcmene. Together they had a son named Iphicles. Zeus also mated with Alcmene and through their union Alcmene gave birth to Hercules.

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Hercules and Eurystheus genealogy is based on Apollodorus.
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