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Holidays and Festivals

Lupercalia, winter solstice celebrations, the Saturnalia, and other Roman and pagan holidays and festivals.
  1. Christian Holidays (10)
  2. Jewish Holidays (4)
  3. Latin Christmas Carols
  4. Spring Holidays (4)
  5. Winter Holidays (9)

A new festival of the Greeks honored the Titan Kronos.

Labor Day's Origins
Find out why the rest of the world doesn't celebrate Labor Day in September with the Americans.

The Julian Calendar - Julius Caesar Reformed the Calendar
Julius Caesar reformed the calendar of the Romans, creating what is known as the Julian Calendar.

The Fantasy and Folklore of Halloween - Samhain
To the Celts, the year began on a day corresponding to November 1st, the beginning of winter. Since they were pastoral, it was time to move cattle and sheep to closer pastures secure livestock for the winter. Crops were harvested and stored. The date marked both an ending and a beginning in an eternal cycle. The festival observed at this time was called Samhain (pronounced Sah-ween).

Thesmophoria was a Greek women's fertility and agricultural festival.

February Fasti
Ancient Roman calendar for February showing the events or fasti and major historical events.

Diwali is a Hindu harvest-related festival of lights.

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