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Latin Poetry - Horace

Resources on the Roman poet Horace. Horace wrote Odes, Epodes, letters (epistulae), the Ars Poetica, and satires (sermones).
  1. Odes of Horace (9)
  2. Roman Satire

The Roman Odes
The first six odes in book 3 are often referred to as the "Roman Odes", although Horace never calls them that nor singles them out explicitly in any way. They are bound together by a common metre (Alcaic), solemn style, lack of address to an individual, the affinity of the main themes and the central position which Augustus and his rule occupy in them.

Augustus favored Horace and commissioned him to write the Carmen Saeculare for the Secular Games of 17 B.C. Horace was one of the Roman satirists.

Chapter on Horace, his life, the dates of his works, two aspects: a lyric poet and a man of the world, "Odes" and "Epodes," his patriotic odes, "Satires" and "Epistles," Horace as a moralist, the "Ars Poetica," and Horace's literary criticism.

Life of Horace by Suetonius
Suetonius - The Life of Horace, translated by Alexander Thomson and Thomas Forester.

Etext of the Odes of Horace

Roman Satire Timeline
Annotated satire timeline.

Satire's Origins
A look at the antecedents to this totally Roman genre. Horace is one of Roman satire's major representatives.

Etext of the Satires of Horace

Odes of Horace in English Translation
Odes of Horace in English Translation

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