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The Oldest Copy of the Iliad

Online Copy of the Oldest Iliad Manuscript


Venetus A (Marcianus Graecus 454), the oldest copy of the Iliad, is being scanned and (according to [chs75.harvard.edu/image_archive/]) will be available through a creative commons non-commercial license.

Venetus A is in the Public Library of St. Mark, in Venice, Italy. According to Wired, before the robotic scanning project, the last time the Venetus A was photographed was in 1901.

It is a 645-page 10th century parchment book and is the primary basis for all modern editions of the the Iliad.

In addition to the text of the Iliad, the Venetus A contains scholarly commentary based on material written by scholars at the Library at Alexandria.

Other editions of the Iliad include the 11th-century Marcianus Graecus Z. 453 and the 12-13th-century Marcianus Graecus Z. 458, according to the [URL = zeus.chsdc.org/chs/manuscript_images - accesed February 2008] Center for Hellenic Studies.

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