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Indus Valley - Art - Archaeology

The art and archaeology of the ancient Indus Valley (modern Pakistan and India).

Indus Valley
About's Archaeology Guide, Kris Hirst provides links to bibliography and Indian and Pakistani archaeology Web sites.

Gulf of Cambay
A discovery by marine scientists off the western coast of India could mean an ancient sunken civilization from 4000 B.C.

From Kris Hirst, the About Guide to Archaeology, Meluha is the Mesopotamian word for the people who came to trade and live in the great Akkadian period port cities in Sarasvati-Sindhu civilizations.

Harappa: Introduction
Introduction to sites excavated along the Indus Valley. Harappa was an urban center.

A Kushan-period Sculpture
In 1992 a carved, lifesize sandstone man from the reign of Jaya Varma (184-85 AD) was discovered in the Kathmandu Valley. On the base of the statue is an inscription.

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