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Ancient India and Pakistan

Maps of the Indus Valley, Ancient India, and Pakistan


  • Indus Valley to 500 BC
    From Frank Smitha's site. Shows rivers and mountain ranges, as well as major areas of civilization.

    Also see Smitha's Empire of Asoka

  • Range of Indus Valley Civilizations
    Map showing the range of civilizations centered on Harappa and Mohenjodara.
  • Harappan Sites in Northwest India
    Major sites of the late Harappan Localization Era.
  • Four Old World River Cultures
    Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Nile, and Yellow River.
  • Span of the Mauryan Empire
    300 B.C.
  • From Richard Hooker's World Cultures Site:
    The Gupta Empire in India lasted from about 320-550 when military leaders and kings Chandragupta I (c. 319-335), Samudragupta (c. 335-376), and Chandragupta II (c. 376-415) brought together northern India. The period is called the "golden age" because of the relative peace, law and order, and cultural achievements, again, in northern India.

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