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Definition: Brahmanism was an early religion in the Indian sub-continent that was based on Vedic writing. It is considered an early form of Hinduism. Vedic writing refers to the Vedas, the hymns of the Aryans, who if they actually did so, invaded in the second millennium B.C. -- otherwise they were the resident nobles. In Brahmanism, the Brahmins, who included priests, performed the sacred offices required in the Vedas.

Source: Hinduism, Brahmanism

To read about the change from Brahmanism to Hinduism, see "From 'Brahmanism' to 'Hinduism': Negotiating the Myth of the Great Tradition," by Vijay Nath. Social Scientist, Vol. 29, No. 3/4 (Mar. - Apr., 2001), pp. 19-50.

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Also Known As: Proto-Hinduism

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