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Maps - Celts and Ireland

Maps of the Celts and Ireland (Hibernia).

Celts vs. Romans Interactive Map
A very helpful interactive Map Showing the Land of the Romans and Celts. The map has a timeline showing the relative territory of Celts and Romans in various periods, an option of showing the major cities, trade routes, and items traded.

Map of Hibernia (Ireland) with places Ptolemy names marked. Exact locations are noted by clicking on place names. From Bill Thayer's Lacus Curtius site

Ireland History in Maps
A map for each century A.D., and the following mpas for the period of Ireland's history B.C.: Ice Ages and the Arrival of Humans, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, and Celtic Ireland - Sons of Milidh.

Before There Were Counties
Information on the settlements included in Ptolemy's second century work on Hibernia, from Samuel Lewis' 1837 publication, A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland.

Livy on Brennus and the Battle of the Allia -- and the Sacred Geese
In his Ab urbe condita, Livy tells the story of Brennus and his Celtic band's defeat of the Romans at the Allia in 390 B.C.

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