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Ancient Israel & Judaea | The Ancient Hebrews | Judaism

Resources on the people and culture of ancient Israel and Judaea.
  1. Biblical Canon
  2. Hellenistic Judaism (7)
  3. Jewish History Glossary (27)
  4. Judaism (52)
  5. People in the Bible
  6. Qumran (7)

Hebrew Names
The meaning and significance of Biblical and Hebrew Names

Exile of the Jews - The Babylonian Captivity or Exile
What and when was the period known as the Babylonian captivity or Babylonian exile?

Herod the Great - Flavius Josephus
In Antiquities of the Jews - Book XIV, the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus explains how Herod the Great came to be king of the Jews.

Jerusalem 2nd Temple Period, from Judaism at About.com
Timeline with background information on the Second Temple Period.

Legends of the Jews, by Louis Ginzberg - Preface
E-text of Legends of the Jews - BIBLE TIMES AND CHARACTERS Preface, by Louis Ginzberg.

Maps of the Levant
Maps showing an area of the eastern Mediterranean important in antiquity and known as the Levant.

Caesarea Maritima
Caesarea Maritima is a city Herod founded to honor the Emperor Augustus.

Judea is a region of ancient Palestine.

Herod Agrippa
Section of Jona Lendering's site on the Herods includes this page on Claudius' friend. The story of the death of King Herod appears in Josephus and Acts of the Apostles. Map accompanies article.

Judaism timeline
A rich timeline of Jewish history covering events and responses to Jews throughout the ages.

The Destruction of Jerusalem Predicted by Ashkelon's Fall
Had the Jews learned the lessons of Ashkelon's fall, they might have been spared their Babylonian exile and the loss of the First Temple.

The Pilate Inscription: Tangible Link to the New Testament
Archaeologists have to dig deep to find tangible evidence of biblical history. Sometimes they not only have to dig deep, they have to turn things over to discover artifacts. Such was the case with a 1962 find now known as the Pilate Inscription, found amid the ruins of Herod the Great's capital, Caesarea Maritima, that provides a tangible link...

Halakhah is the corpus of Jewish Law.

Hasmonean is the corpus of Jewish Law.

Near Eastern Maps
Maps of the Ancient Near East.

Second Temple Period
Second Temple Period

Sadducees were an order of Secon Temple Period Jews.

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