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Moses - The Bible Story of Moses, the Hebrew Law Giver

The Childhood and Secular Life of Moses


Moses and the Burning Bush and Aaron's Staff Swallows the Magicians.

Moses and the Burning Bush and Aaron's Staff Swallows the Magicians.

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Moses and the 10 Commandments

Moses has a lot to answer for. The U.S. today is divided over the issue of the right to post a certain document in public buildings. This document is accepted by many as a general statement of morality which condemns such crimes as murder, theft, and adultery. It is also, however, a religious document, providing basic instruction for Christians and Jews. It is, of course, the Ten Commandments, originally inscribed not on school or courthouse walls, but on the stone tablets Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai.

Oedipus and Moses

Moses was the third child of a Levite family in Egypt. At the time, baby boys born to Hebrews were supposed to be drowned at birth, but like the herdsman in the Oedipus story who was entrusted with disposing of Jocasta's son, Moses' mother didn't have the heart to comply. When the boy was three months old, she put him in a basket and placed it among the Nile reeds where the pharaoh's daughter found it. The name Moses is thought to signify that the boy was drawn from the water.

Moses Must Flee

The baby boy was raised to adulthood at court. One day Moses witnessed an Egyptian beating a Hebrew man. Stepping in, Moses killed the Egyptian. For fear that the pharaoh would have him killed for this murder, Moses fled from Egypt to Madian where he married Sephora and took over the family shepherding business. Together they raised a family for forty years.

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"Arbitrary identification to any descendant of Abraham as a Jew before a date of 735 B.C.E., the establishment of a Divided Monarchy, or, biblically speaking, prior to 2nd Kings, 16:6, is simply wrong and inappropriate...."

"Hebrews are the children of Israel; the twelve-tribe confederation - the descendants of Abraham. All Jews are Hebrews, but not all Hebrews are Jews. Initially, Jews are those tribal factions of Judah and Benjamin [and a smattering of Levitical Priests] who nationalized themselves, during the Divided Monarchy, as "The Yehudim" [the Jews], while the ten tribal factions of Israel which seceded from the twelve, and resided in and about Samaria, retained their Hebrew identities until their dissolution in the Syro-Ephraimite conflicts of 735-721 B.C.E. and the Assyrian Diaspora."

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