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Latin Poetry - Juvenal Roman Satirist

Resources on the ancient Silver Age satirist Juvenal. We know virtually nothing about Juvenal except that he probably wrote between A.D. 100 and 120.

Juvenal - Roman Satirist
Juvenal may have been the last great Roman satirist, but we know little about him.

Juvenal Satire - J.W. Mackail Latin Literature
Information on Juvenal and his individual satires.

What you'll find in each of the sixteen satires by Juvenal.

Lessons from Juvenal by Roger Kimball
Roger Kimball reminds that for Juvenal it was difficult not to write satire and to rage at the world around him.

Satire's Origins
A look at the antecedents to this totally Roman genre.

Review: Roman Verse Satire
A look at a small 1999 anthology of the works of Horace, Lucilius, Persius, and Juvenal, in English and Latin.

Index to Juvenal's Satires
Michael Hendry's index page to his texts of Juvenal's Satires with apparatus criticus.

Juvenal section of a History of Latin Literature course; includes the basic information, bibliography, and summary of the five books.

Juvenal and Persius: Satires: Introduction
Satires 1-3 in English (Loeb 1918 translation) and Latin, from the Ancient History Sourcebook.

Juvenal on the City of Rome
Richard Hooker's translation of Juvenal's third satire with introduction explaining how Juvenal avoided censure by using targets from the past.

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