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1st : Latin - Learning the Latin Language Resources

To read Latin literature you must first learn the the grammar of the Latin language, either through instruction or on your own, online or otherwise. Resources here are specific to this stage in the life of a Latin student.
  1. AP Latin Exam
  2. From Latin to Romance (2)
  3. Latin Roman Alphabet (4)
  4. Latin Dictionaries
  5. Latin Distance Learning (3)
  6. Latin FAQs (26)
  7. Latin Grammar (106)
  8. Latin Programs (4)
  9. Latin Pronunciation (12)
  10. Latin Vocabulary Helpers (6)
  11. Wheelock Answers (2)
  12. Xmas Carols Latin (13)

Using the Internet to Help You Review and Revive Lost Latin Skills
There is an email-based newsletter/ecourse that provides these tips on resurrecting your long-lost Latin skills or supplementing your own Latin learning program, but if you prefer, you can read them here.

Learn to Translate Latin
Learn to translate some elementary Latin with these sentences from Praxis Grammatica.

Latin Grammar Tips
Tips for reviewing or learning Latin.

Basic Latin
Basic information on Latin limited to the essential paradigms of nouns and verbs and related pages, including quizzes on the paradigms and examples of other words that fit the paradigms of the declensions and conjugations.

Is Latin Easy - What Do You Think - Is Latin Easy?
What do you think: Is Latin easy? If so, why? If not, why not?

Latin Numbers - What Are the 3 Types of Latin Numbers
There are three main forms of Latin numbers you should know: 1. Roman numerals, 2. ordinal numbers, and 3. cardinal numbers

Latin Ordinal Numbers
This is a list of the ordinal numbers in Latin.

Latin Textbooks
Learn to read the Latin language using these Latin textbooks

Praxis Grammatica
Praxis Grammatica is a series of Latin sentences that allow you to test your knowledge of Latin.

Where Can I Find a Latin Translation of...
Latin translation is a skill that takes years to develop and there is not an easy way to shortcut it, but these suggestions may be of some help.

Words and Ideas - Book Review
In Words and Ideas, editor William J. Dominik has created an introductory classical culture curriculum within the context of a vocabulary builder and beginning etymology textbook.

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