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Using the Internet to Help You Review and Revive Lost Latin Skills


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Using the Internet to Help You Review and Revive Lost Latin Skills
Wheelock's Latin

Wheelock's Latin

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This site contains a wide variety of resources on the Latin language, as this article will reveal, but it really isn't a complete course in beginning Latin. If you are motivated to teach yourself Latin or review a language you haven't looked at for decades, this should help. You'll find out where to go for a quick reference, or textbook, or study group suggestions, and more.

If you don't have the money for a recently written Latin textbook, Google has put online some wonderful old, public domain textbooks you should look into. For starters, try:

Bolchazy-Carducci publishes material for those teaching themselves the classical languages. Among their most useful reference works is: A Glossary of Terms in Grammar, Rhetoric, and Prosody for Readers of Greek and Latin: A Vade Mecum, by Richard Upsher Smith, Jr. (2011; 978-0-86516-759-9) -- a book whose title is almost longer than its 142 pages of content.

Latin for Non-Latinists

  • Enhance Your Vocabulary
    You've probably heard that English has an awful lot of Latin in it. Here you'll see how easy it is to create English versions of Latin words. Learn 22 words of Latin vocabulary almost effortlessly by creating perfectly good English words based on Latin.
  • Latin for Non-Latinists
    School mottoes in Latin, classical cliches, Latin sayings, technical terms, and Latin palindromes.

Latin Online

  • Learning Latin on the Internet
    Learning Latin online provides cost control, convenience, and companionship. A look at some of the reasons to study Latin on your own with the help of the Internet.
  • Correspondence Courses
    If you don't want to teach yourself Latin, you might want to join one of these more or less formal courses.


If you're serious about studying Latin, you should have a Latin lexicon either online or sitting beside you or both. For quick references, bookmark the Perseus Project's online A Latin Dictionary.

Latin dictionaries and lexicons. Latin to English, French, Swedish, and more.

Grammar Reference

At the top of this page I posted a couple of old-fashioned grammar books that may help. A copy of Wheelock is always in order. In addition, look at Grammar Texts for text books on Latin grammar and an online reference work for grammatical points.

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