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Resources on the law, government, politics, and economics of ancient societies, including the rise of democracy.
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Review of Democracy and Knowledge by Josiah Ober
The 1st chapter explains that Athenian democracy was unlike modern democracy for one main reason: modern democracy "willfully ignores popular sources of useful knowledge."

Ancient Law-Givers
Ancient rulers and other leaders of city-states and later nations and empires developed law codes to establish rules for dealing with family, inheritance, property, slaves, trial procedures, and more. One city might copy another. Even today, law codes build upon existing ones, especially the Roman code of Justinian.

Foedus - What Is Meant by Foedus
Glossary entry on the Latin "obsequium."

Hospitium - What Is Meant by Hospitium
Glossary entry on the Latin term hospitium.

Major Near and Middle Eastern Kings
While the Greeks favored their small, local governments, the Persians were empire builders, with autocratic monarchs in charge

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