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Cleopatra - What We Think the Famous 'Beauty' Looked Like


When Cleopatra decided to commit suicide rather than surrender to Augustus she chose the dramatic method of putting an asp to her chest -- at least according to legend. Here is an artist's rendering of this bold and defiant act.

Historian Christop Schaefer has made news in 2010 with his claims that Cleopatra didn't die from the bite of an asp but from using poison. This isn't really news, but people tend to forget, preferring to embrace the more courageous image of the queen clasping an asp or cobra, rather than drinking a cup of opiates and hemlock.

The Daily Mail's [ URL = www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1290617/Cleopatra-killed-cocktail-drugs--snake-bite.html ] "Cleopatra 'was killed by a cocktail of drugs - not a snake" detailed the German historian's analysis.

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